The Global Alliance Against Cholera (G.A.A.C)

The Global Alliance Against Cholera was organized in 2010 through the efforts of Dr.Thierry Vandevelde, then and continuing at this time, Executive Director of the Veolia Foundation.
Putting water and sanitation back at the heart of strategies for the elimination of cholera and the control of other diarrhoeal diseases.
Cholera is a severe, highly contagious diarrhoeal disease, caused by vibrio Cholerae, from the gram negative bacillus.
Eliminating cholera requires a multi-sectoral approach. Didier Bompangue, Rita Colwell, Ibrahim Assane Mayaki and Thierry Vandevelde explain.
3 to 5 million people affected by cholera and 100 000 to 200 000 deaths each year worldwide.
Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, Chief Executive Officer of Nepad, talks about partnership between Veolia Foundation and Nepad...
View our introductory video and fin more about the GAAC's worldwide presence, actions and more details. 4 minutes to understand the GAAC's fight against cholera.
The GAAC accomplishes its objective through prevention activities designed to enhance the availability of essential services.