The GAAC team lists a number of publications on cholera. A resource base of hundreds of references is accessible through the site's search tool. This tool allows you to find information on cholera from a wide selection of documents (articles, reports and guidelines) and gives you access to these documents.

All documents are in their original version and in another language if the translation exists. A majority of the documents are open access (access to the full document), and some documents have a restricted access (free access only to the abstract). 


Water Supply Interruptions and Suspected Cholera Incidence: A Time-Series Regression in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Environmental Determinants of Cholera Outbreaks in Inland Africa: A Systematic Review of Main Transmission Foci and Propagation Routes

Cholera in Coastal Africa: A Systematic Review of Its Heterogeneous Environmental Determinants

Elimination of Cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The New National Policy

UNICEF Cholera Toolkit

The Cure for Cholera - Improving Access to Safe Water and Sanitation


A conceptual design of a new paradigm for the elimination of cholera. Case study for the Democratic Republic of Congo

From research to field action: example of the fight against cholera in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Environmental signatures associated with cholera epidemics