Breakdown of hydraulic treatment pumping station near Abidjan : epidemic of cholera killed 19 people

Reports are arriving from Abidjan, the Capital of the Ivory Coast in West Africa of an ongoing cholera epidemic which since October, 2014 has resulted in 19 deaths from a current total of close to 300 cases.

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The epidemic was caused by a breakdown of hydraulic treatment pumping station in the Regional Town of Tablegruikou. The Director of I.N.H.P. , the National Public Health Institute has issued warnings to the populations relying on this treatment center not to drink or use water from it, or from nearby untreated water sources, for food preparation, without boiling the water or using chorine disinfectant until the pumps are repaired. He has also strongly encouraged the affected communities to use soap when washing their hands, especially before eating or drinking. 

Nigeria has also reported 20 deaths from recent cholera outbreaks, from an undisclosed number of infected residents in the Southern region of the Country.