The GTFCC's Cholera App

A phone-based tool to support the implementation of the Ending Cholera Global Roadmap.

To support the implementation of “Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030”, the Global Task Force on Cholera Control has developed a phone-based application designed to support public health professionals during a cholera outbreak. The app includes technical information and practical documents to provide clear guidance and current information for early detection, monitoring and efficient response to cholera outbreaks. 

The app includes practical tools for each sector of a cholera response: surveillance, case management, water hygiene and sanitation (WASH), community engagement and oral cholera vaccine (OCV).

  • The Surveillance and Laboratory section provides epidemiological definitions, information for each phase of an outbreak investigation, diagnostic protocols, and specimen collection and transport guidelines.
  • The case management section includes advice for setting up treatment centers, infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols for treatment centers, and tools to support patient treatment.
  • The WASH section provides guidance on the preparation and use of chlorine solutions for IPC as well as protocols to guide water quality assessment and to prepare chlorine solutions to treat drinking water. 
  • The community engagement section provides important health and prevention messages about cholera to share with the community.
  • The OCV section provides a tool to calculate logistic requirements and key messages to share with the community during a vaccination campaign.

The app also includes a mobile version of the cholera outbreak response field manual, which provides guidance on detecting and responding to a cholera outbreak.

The Cholera app is user-friendly and was designed to be used offline to accommodate those working in remote areas. The app, which is currently available in English and French, can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.